Jeans Manufacturing in Turkey

Jeans Manufacturing in Turkey. Our factory offers a wide range of denim products of any degree of complexity: Jeans, denim jackets, skirts, shorts, and all other denim products tailored to your needs and specifications. Our factory offers a full range of manufacturing services, thus implementing a full cycle approach. As of today, our manufacturing facilities allow us to produce around 1,500 pieces of denim products every single day.
It is worth noting that our carefully implemented quality control system allows guaranteeing the perfect stability of the quality of all products for our customers. Strict quality control measures are implemented at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Why choose us?

Turkey offers one of the best jeans manufacturing facilities in the world. At the same time, not every factory in Turkey is able to manufacture and offer you high-quality jeans. We are proud of our denim products due to a full range of careful quality control measures including a detailed inspection of raw materials, as well as strict control of each stage of the manufacturing process. Below you can find key advantages of our thought-out manufacturing process.

выбор денима на производстве Иллатур

Proper denim selection

Choosing the right denim is the key to the success of the final product. We prefer regular denim of the highest quality. By using this type of material, we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of washing techniques. The thing is that we avoid using denim of the first and the second grade, as well as the remaining parts of denim, which are often used by other manufacturers to reduce the price. 

Подготовка лекала на производстве Иллатур

Pattern Making

We provide our clients with a comprehensive pattern-making service. We are able to develop patterns for new models, as well as to make changes to existing ones based on the characteristics of the chosen denim. All our patterns strictly correspond to European sizes. 

Раскройка денима на производстве Иллатур


It is worth noting that we always cut the denim fabric in small layers (no more than 600-700 jeans per cutting) to obtain a high-quality result. Our customers are able to order only specific sizes of their products. We also offer our customers to choose the ratio of sizes during the cutting process. The overall number of sizes should be proportional and balanced. We will tell you more about the possibility of cutting the required sizes during the ordering process.

пошив джинсов на производстве Иллатур


All our jeans are made up by seasoned experts of our factory, while robots are used for precise work in particularly difficult stages of the process. The quality of each completed stage is thoroughly checked by our experts with the needle performing the following stage. In case of any issues, all discarded products are sent to the initial stage of production. At the final stage, the jeans are thoroughly checked again to remove all remaining threads. After that, the final product is sent for washing.

варка на производстве Иллатур


Interestingly, this stage is intended to artificially wear out jeans. As a result, the denim fabric loses some of its physical properties. Therefore, the washing process is very important in terms of keeping the balance of the final product. In addition, the product takes its final selling form at this stage of the manufacturing process. In other words, we use the most qualitative approach to the washing process, while strictly following our unique formulas.

проверка качества на производстве Иллатур

Quality Control

It is worth noting that washing is one of the most complex and difficult processes in the manufacturing of jeans. As a result, part of the final product shall be discarded after washing. Jeans are pre-ironed and then checked for various defects such as washing irregularities, physical defects, and other issues. In addition, all rivets, buttons, and labels are installed at this stage. On request of the customer, the final product can be labeled according to the requirements of the marketplaces. We use a wide range of YKK accessories.

Why do we pay a lot of attention to using regular denim fabric? 

  1. By using regular denim fabric, we can guarantee that our customers receive exactly the same products every time they place a repeated order.
  1. The washing process is an artificial way to make jeans look worn out and aged. At the same time, it seriously affects the key physical properties of the product. Using cheap and defective denim fabrics will lead to an increased percentage of defects and discarded jeans. Therefore, by purchasing jeans from manufacturers with very low prices, you risk getting a lot of defective items. It happens even when the factory implements serious measures to control the quality of the product. Why is it like that? They simply prefer to leave a lot of discarded jeans in the batch to not lose their money. By using denim fabric of the highest quality, we are able to keep the percentage of defects under control and we can afford strict quality control after washing.
  2. In addition, the high-quality denim fabric makes it possible to provide our customers with a wide range of washing techniques. Unlike many factories, which focus on price, our washing techniques allow creating deeper and more diverse patterns in comparison with other manufacturers. 

So, how can one order jeans manufacturing in Turkey? All you have to do is to fill out our special form or contact us on whatsapp.

    Jeans Manufacturing in Turkey

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